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Healing Ointment & Spray

Healing Ointment & Spray

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Experience the power of natural healing with our Pawty Pad Healing Ointment and Spray duo.


Healing Properties: Formulated with potent natural ingredients, our ointment and spray provide effective relief for a variety of skin conditions, promoting rapid healing.
Soothing Relief: Soothe irritated skin and alleviate discomfort with our gentle yet effective healing solutions.
Versatile Application: Whether it's a localized area or broad coverage, our ointment and spray offer versatile solutions to address your pet's specific needs.
Convenient Size: The 60g ointment and 50ml spray are perfectly sized for on-the-go use, ensuring your pet always has access to soothing relief whenever it's needed.

Treat your pet to the healing power of Pawty Pad. Because a happy pet is a healthy pet.
Family-Centric Approach

Family-Centric Approach

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High Quality Products

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Speedy Online Delivery

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Hassle-Free Return & Exchange Policy

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Convenient Shopping Experience

Discover relief with our Healing Ointment & Spray combo. Natural ingredients soothe and heal, providing fast relief for your pet's skin. Compact and convenient for on-the-go care.

What makes your pet shampoo different from others on the market?

Our shampoo is meticulously crafted with beneficial ingredients like colloidal oatmeal and coconut oil to provide a luxurious, refreshing experience for your pet, ensuring their coat is shiny, moisturized, and healthy.

What is the purpose of the pet cologne?

Our cologne adds a subtle touch of fragrance, ensuring your pet remains pleasantly scented between baths.

What is the main purpose of the Healing Spray?

The spray is formulated to target skin irritations, moisturize, and protect your pet's skin.

How often can I apply the Healing Spray on my pet?

You can apply it as needed based on the severity of skin irritation, but always consult your vet for a specific regimen.


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Healing Ointment & Spray

Why your pet need this?

  • Itch relief: Soothes itching caused by insect bites, allergies, or skin irritations.
  • Skin healing: Promotes healing of wounds, cuts, and scratches, preventing infection.
  • Moisturization: Nourishes and prevents dryness, maintaining skin health.
  • Hot spot treatment: Reduces inflammation and aids in healing hot spots.
  • Skin allergies: Soothes allergies and reduces redness for pet comfort.
  • Flea and tick repellant: Natural repellant against fleas and ticks.
  • Coat conditioning: Conditions the coat, leaving it soft, shiny, and manageable.
  • Odor control: Helps control and reduce pet odors.
  • Skin irritation: Calms and soothes rashes, eczema, or dermatitis.
  • Gentle and safe: Safe for pets with sensitive skin.
  • Easy application: Convenient ointment and spray format for easy use.

Customer Reviews

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Best purchase for my dog!

It is really effective, i used it for 7 days and gumaling kaagad hotspot ng aso ko also yung sugat sugat nya sa katawan, will buy again pag naubos to. Thank you so much Pawty Pad!

What makes Pawty Pad different?

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Benefits Pawty Pad Leading Competitor
Natural Healing Magic
Pure Plant Power
Restore Their Coat's Brilliance
Gentle Care for Your Beloved Pet
Soothe, Heal and Shield
Spa-Quality Pet Pampering